Eng. Sobhi A. Batterjee    President of SGH Group

With the blessings of Allah and the trust of our customers, we have been able to establish ourselves as the most reputed private hospital in the region within a short period of time.


Dr. Abdullah Hussein Al-Dairi     Chief Executive Officer, SGH Sana’a.


Being CEO of the organization, I feel proud to be associated with Saudi German Hospitals Group, one of the best hospitals group across MENA region.

Saudi German Hospital, Sana'a is one of the biggest and pioneer tertiary care hospital facility in Yemen and African Horn Countries. Our aim is to host rare international medical specializations, to bring international healthcare experience which will ensure better medical care for Yemeni population. 

Welcome to Saudi German Hospital- Sana'a

SGH Sana’a which is the branch of SGH Group the leading healthcare provider and Number one healthcare brand in the MENA region, started its operations in June 2006, being the 5th tertiary care hospital and first international branch outside the Kingdom. The hospital succeeded to prove itself as one of the major healthcare provider in Yemen and African Horn countries. With 300 beds capacity and state of art medical equipments and facility, SGH Sana'a offers wide range of medical services with rare specialties, sub-specialties and critical care with highest international standards. SGH Sana’a succeeded to be the first hospital in Yemen to achieve prestigious JCI Accreditation in 2010, Arab Health Award in 2015, Best Private Hospital in Yemen Award in 2013. 

  • Dr.Ali Ghaleb AlQarn - Neurology Consultant
  • Dr.Hussam Matar - Surgery Consultant
  • Dr.Rafeq Abdullah - Internal Medicine specialist
  • Dr.Nabil Abdo Othman - Surgery Consultant
  • Dr.Mutahar Aldarwish-Internal Medicine Consutant
  • Dr.Abdullah Nassar -Orthopedic consultant
  • Dr.Edrees Noaman -Neurosurgery Specialist
  • Dr.Kassem AlNadhri -Dermatology Consultant
  • Dr.Nawal Hassan - Pediatric Consultant
  • Dr.Ali Yousif -Urology Consultant
  • Dr.Adel AlMydama-GIT Specialist
  • Dr.Amran Al-Amrani - Ophthalmology Specialist
  • Dr.Nabil Nuaman -psychiatry Consultant
  • Dr.Mohammed Alshuja'a -vascular surgery consultant
  • Dr.Manal M.Alidaros - Dentist
  • Dr.Ali AlAshwal - Oncology Coslutant
  • Dr.Nora AlShaikh - OB/G Specialist
  • Dr.Khaled Abo Munaser -E.N.T Consultant
  • Dr.Khaled AlTahef - E N T Consultant
  • Dr.Amani Al-Washli - Internal Medicine Specialist
  • Dr. Fatima Al-Surehi-OB/G Specialist
  • Dr.Fatima Alkholani-Dentist
  • Dr.Mujahed Albetahi - Nephrology Consultant
  • Dr.Mohammed AlHutif-Orthopedic Consultant
  • Dr.Jamil Ali Anter-Orthopedic Consultant
  • Dr.Saed Al-Qurashi - Plastic surgery Consultant
  • Dr.Nabil Al-Ashmouri - Rheumatology Consultant
  • Dr.Mohammed Raweh -Urology Consultant
  • Dr.Samah Al-Harthi-GIT Specialist
  • Dr.Dhaifallah Y. Yahya-Cardiology Consultant
  • Dr.Yahia Al-Huraibi - ICU HOD
  • Dr.Othman Hamoud AlHammadi - ER HOD
  • Dr.Reem Mohammed Qaid - Dermatology specialist
  • Dr.Mohammed AL-Moqaid - Cardiology specialist
  • Dr/ Afaf Hamzaa - OB /Gyne Consultant
  • Dr.Reda AlQaisy-Dentist
د. أزهر داوود

د. أزهر داوود

إستشاري أعصاب الأطفال -الجامعة الأردنية .

يعالج حالات:

الصرع والتخلف العقلي والتوحد والشلل الدماغي -صعوبة التعلم والإدارك وزيادة النشاط الحركي عند الأطفال-حقن البوتكس للأطفال .



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